Back to Church Sunday 2012

When you think about Sunday, do you think about church? Do you think back to those childhood days when you went to church or Sunday School?

Back to Church Sunday is the largest single local-church invitational initiative in the world. It is based on the simplest and shortest step in evangelism – that we should invite someone we already know to something we love; invite our friend to our church. The initial focus was to invite ‘back’ those who used to attend, but we want to ensure that anyone who doesn’t currently attend can be guaranteed an especially warm welcome, including children and young people.

Following the success of the initiative here at Corringham Evangelical Church last year we are again supporting BTCS and want to give you a warm welcome to come along on 30th September 2012 at 11.00am. You are, of course, welcome to come along to any of our services or meetings, but on this particular Sunday we’ll be doing our hardest to be as friendly and inviting as possible.

You might wonder why we have to have a specific day to encourage people to come along. In reality, many people have preconceived ideas about what church is like, and sometimes it takes a bit of effort to overcome those barriers and show that we’re not stuffy or old-fashioned. However, while we might not present things the same way we always have, what is absolutely true is that the message of Jesus Christ dying on the cross and being raised to life in order to forgive our sins has not, and will not, ever change.

This year we also want to offer everyone who comes along (whether a current church attendee, past visitor or someone completely new) a free meal after the morning church service. We will have both meat and vegetarian options available. You don’t need to book but if you know you’ll be coming it would be helpful to let us know by contacting us.

Why not come along to give it a try? We’d love to welcome you in.