BOOKING OPEN – Youthwork Training Seminar with Doug Horley

Corringham Evangelical Church would like to invite you to a youthwork training seminar with Doug Horley, one of the UK’s leading children’s workers and writer of many children’s songs, on Saturday 11th May 2013 from 2.00pm-4.00pm.

‘Worship for 21st Century Kids’ isn’t a workshop that will show you how to play the chord of G in 27 new ways; it’s for all children’s workers (musicians and non-musicians) and looks at the culture kids are growing up in, the influences they are exposed to, and how we can take note of these to ensure we stay relevant to our children in our praise and worship. It’s packed full of practical ideas for keeping our kids interested and includes a very practical ‘how to’ section on leading worship. It also looks at using pop music in worship and making quieter songs work using British Sign Language. Doug has found this to be immensely powerful in worship with children (and grown-ups!) and you will leave the workshop having learned a sign language song or two.

Doug will talk about ‘journeying with children’ to help them go deeper with God in prayer and worship and he will share some stories of the kind of things he has seen happen as children connect with God. There will be time at the end of the seminar to pray for the children’s workers – he just wants to see them refreshed and encouraged.

In the evening Doug will be hosting a Praise Party for children and families and details of the Party will be released shortly.

This event will be fun, interactive, inspiring and very funky so expect to enjoy yourself!

Tickets cost £7.50 each and can be bought now from