Church building work has begun!

Church plan - with new Front Porch - smallWe’re excited to announce that today we start our building project to create a new front entrance to the church. Over the next few weeks there’ll be a hive of activity at the church as the old porch is demolished, a new entrance hall is installed, and the driveways are upgraded.

Our main reasons and priorities for undertaking this project are:

  • To improve access to the building;
  • To open up usable space in the church by removing the existing porch;
  • To create a wet storage area for prams, clothing etc;
  • To encourage a more visual presence within the local community;
  • To create safer driveways and parking area.

We’re still running most of our activities but please keep an eye on the calendar on our website for the latest information.

Please also be careful when coming into and leaving the building over the next few weeks.