UEC Faith Matters

The Union of Evangelical Churches are running a series of training days to equip local Church members and ensure that they have good quality and relevant Bible teaching from visiting experts in their fields, using interactive presentation styles. There is a suggested donation of £6 to cover expenses and refreshments.

The first day of 2017 is on Saturday 4th March from 9.45am to 1.00pm and the topic is ‘Why don’t people come to church like they used to?’

In today’s society people have more choices than ever in how to spend their lives and interests, including spiritual interests. Research has revealed that despite falling church congregations, society is more “spiritual” than ever with more declaring they have spiritual, but not religious, beliefs. How can we reach our increasingly diverse and ‘pick and mix’ society who need to hear the Gospel in a fresh  and understandable way?

Charlie Kosla, Anglican minister and evangelist, will speak on these issues and offer suggestions on how we can do church for those who don’t like church!